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Local women providing comfort baskets to those battling cancer

The Story of the Mrs. Claus Club

The Mrs. Claus Club was founded in our area by a group of women who have been friends since their childhood. Over the years our lives have taken many turns but with each path we have chosen, the road always leads us back home. Just like a snowflake, each of us is different – no two the same and yet very similar. The points of the snowflake represent this group of women, now in our adulthood who share yet another bond: each of us has had one parent (or both) diagnosed with cancer. Seven of them did not survive it.

As in any life experience good or bad, it is not only the experience itself but also what you take away from it. One of the greatest gifts we can offer in honor of our parents is the Mrs. Claus Club. Our mission is to provide comfort baskets to those who are fighting the battle against cancer. By networking with local cancer treatment centers, pharmaceutical representatives, and local doctors, we are able to obtain the newest creams, mouth care and lip treatments on the market, to name a few. We also provide customized wigs and other items to help provide some sense of normalcy during this difficult time, even if only cosmetic.

Our goal is to provide a support system to those in treatment for cancer. And to offer comfort and hope in any way we can. We draw our strength in honoring the lives of our parents who have passed on as well as our parents who have survived this battle.

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